Sep 18, 2009

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Had a great chai tea and a fantastic lunch here at this beautiful teahouse.  What an amazing display of craftsmanship.  It is an awe inspiring display of beauty and function. The skills employed in the making of this were clearly learned over the course of generations.  I read recently that one of the cultural differences between America and Asia (specifically China) is 'Cultural Foresight'.  Asians work hard for their great, great grandchildren...always looking ahead to build strength within their family, community and country over hundreds of years.  Imagine learning art so that subsequent generations (and not just our own) could build upon that work to create more beautiful, culturally significant work!  
In 1987, during his first visit to Boulder, Mayor Maksud Ikramov announced that Dushanbe planned to present our city with a Teahouse to celebrate the establishment of sister city ties. From 1987 -1990, more than 40 artisans in several cities of Tajikistan created the decorative elements our Teahouse, including its hand-carved and hand-painted ceiling, tables, stools, columns, and exterior ceramic panels. Often these skills are handed down from generation to generation within families. Lado Shanidze served as chief architect.

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