Sep 16, 2009

outside the walls

This September I am living outside the walls of education. Since 1967 I've walked into the structured flow of an educational setting every autumn. Either as teacher or student I didn't miss a year.  Giving grades or getting them for 40+ years!  That is a long time to judge success - mine or others - by the limited confines of a structured curriculum.  I do believe in a solid education and even a long running one but it's taken me awhile to recognize that even good ideas need to be tested.

My first act as a free agent, unattached to any institution of education, was to answer a call from Ceramics Monthly.  I was invited as a feature artist in their November issue.  'Stunned' is a huge understatement!  It materialized just before Labor Day weekend, the weekend I historically prepare to return to work.  It was a fantastic first act in this ‘new year’.  The photos and interview are all complete and I await November to see how it looks. In the meantime here is a sneak peak of work in
progress included in the studio shoot.

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