Oct 4, 2009

washing me down...

We made it to the river!  The San Juan was...a bit dirty.  Not quite as clear as the rivers back home - the silt filled the water from shore to shore and drop offs occurred quickly (and without visible warning).  It was great though to be there.

One of the really amazing aspects about the river was the narrowness of the green vegetation along side its banks.  For such a powerfully deep body of water the green bordered it unusually tightly.  I guess this is the way of desert water – valuable and scarce.

The next morning was beautiful and a wonderful hike took us up and across the River Wash to view the ancient petroglyphs and desert terrain.

Some of these photos are courtesy of Phil Weneger a really fantastic photographer!
You can check out his work at: phil wegener

Phil's wife Juanjuan was the first person to ride a bicycle around the entire perimeter of China (yes, really!) .  You can see images and read the story of her two year long experience at: Juanjuan Yu

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